Reflected emerald

The pendulum has swung, and now the days

Will be shorter than the evenings.


This means early morning mists

And emerald green reflections


Slowly turning to rust.

Calm reflections, red houses


And beautiful views

Mean autumn is slowly on its way.


For more amazing views, please go to: Our World.

62 thoughts on “Reflected emerald

  1. Yes, fall has arrived and the scenery changes. I am so glad I live where there is no doubt as to what season you are in–LOL! Even if this might be a very cold winter again, I appreciate the beauty of each shift. 🙂


  2. You are getting some autumn colors…. We haven’t had much so far here –but there are a few leaves falling –so we know it’s coming…

    Beautiful reflections.


  3. I always think that these beautiful early Autumn days will last the whole season and every single year I’m surprised when it turns mean and wintery. Maybe this year will be different. (And maybe I am really a slow learner.)


  4. Fiona, these photographs are simply stunning! The first one looks like a painting. LOVE the mist hanging over the trees and the reflection in the water!

    I know this sounds weird because most people prefer longer days and shorter nights, but I really love this time of the year when it gets dark early. I’m such a night person. 🙂

    Have a fabulous week, my friend!


  5. Beautiful reflection photos. The pendulum has swung for sure. Use to be very bright when our furbaby got me up for his first out…now it’s hard to get up because it’s darker. 🙂


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