Swim time!

One of the dogs’ favourite places for a swim

Is the jetty next to the floating sauna on our local lake.


I like it too —

Because of all the photo opportunities it gives!


It’s a peaceful place in the early mornings,

Where you can meditate on clouds and their reflections.

(Photos taken in early May.)


For more favourite spots, please go to: Our World Tuesday.

61 thoughts on “Swim time!

  1. I like it too and am grateful that you share the beauty! But on a prosaic note, Iโ€™m curious about the sauna…is it yours? A community one or ??


    1. The lake is about a kilometre away and that sauna is on a little beach that is, apparently, used by the local caravan club. They are the ones who use the sauna. I go to the beach a lot and have yet to see someone in there – but apparently, it is in use.


  2. Fiona, that sky is STUNNING! What I always love about your photographs is that they look as though they are partially a photograph and partially a painting – as if the two are blended together, creating a work of art!

    Bellissima, my friend!

    Have a faaaaaabulous week!


  3. the summer scenes and the dogs at the lake look delightful. Thanks for sharing. btw I do NOT like winter weather – even here in Queensland so am looking forward to summer again SOON!


  4. What a lovely place and beautiful photos that you’ve taken of it. Would love to see you share them with my Pictorial Tuesday link up at Peabea Scribbles. I can imagine that would be a hard place to not just while away the day. ๐Ÿ™‚



  5. I like how the words “our local lake” sound. It must be awesome to walk often around a lake. At least, I live close to the beach and can walk around every week.


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