Peaceful in pink

I’m going away to Montenegro and Croatia with the kids for a week —

To see new horizons and sights.

Peaceful horizon.jpg

In the meantime, I leave you with

A pretty, pink sunset down at the lake.


(I won’t be around to comment on your blogs for about ten days.

But don’t worry, Our World will be up and running as normal!)


For more peace, please go to: Skywatch.

And, of course, Our World!

77 thoughts on “Peaceful in pink

  1. Have a good time. I went to Montenegro many years ago, it was a beautiful place though a very tough life for some of the people there while others had an extravagant lifestyle. So much for communism.

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  2. GLORIOUS images, Fiona! I especially love the second one down of the row boat. WOW!

    Have a wonderful time in Montenegro and Croatia, my friend!

    See ya when you return! πŸ™‚


  3. I love your golden world tinged in pink. Last evening we were watching the next episode of Escape to the Continent TV series, which featured Brits finding a home in Croatia. I had no idea how beautiful Croatia is, with scenery around Dubrovnik.

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  4. You haven’t been gone very long, but I’m already looking forward to stories about your trip to Croatia and Montenegro.. Not taking a side trip into Bosnia or Herzegovina? (insert smiley face here)
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

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  5. Have a great time. Looking at these beautiful photos makes us want to go on vacation. Please take some wonderful photos for us to see. Thanks for the share. We are just going to relax now looking at your photos.


  6. These sceneries are astonishing! Have a great time in Croatia and Montenegro with your family. Which places are you going to explore in these two picturesque countries?


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