During my trip to Sussex, I climbed up Beachy Head.

The walk is a steep one – but I was joined

By wildflowers and stunted trees waving their hair in the wind.


The blue of the sea faded

Into the blue of the sky.


I heard the skylarks – and also a more unusual sound –

Bagpipes being played by a lone piper (intent on not annoying his neighbours?)

He played well – and the music made the scenery even more majestic.


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72 thoughts on “Blue-tiful

  1. Oh, Fiona, I can’t imagine anything more wonderful than a (talented) lone piper appearing out of nowhere. All of my Gaelic roots would be a-quiver, if that isn’t a mixed metaphor or something (still on my first coffee of the day here) — thanks for sharing your walk to Beachy Head.

    I have had my Our World post ready for a while now and am fighting to keep away from it because I edit and re-edit things to death if they’re written more than a few hours ahead of time. Once a journeyman printer, always a proofreader, and a very persnickety one at that. Sigh.


  2. The bagpipe playing at a distance would add a majestic sense of beauty to the sweeping scenery. In my world, a neighbor plays the guitar outdoors softly on some evenings and it is wonderful to hear.


  3. Lovely to see your photographs.
    I had to smile at the story of the bag-pipe player … similar happened to my husband Eddie a few years back.
    He was actually playing golf, and it was a misty late afternoon and he suddenly heard the sound of bagpipes being played …
    Well, they have to practise don’t they!

    All the best Jan


  4. HA! Fiona, I love your post title for this post. VERY clever!!! 🙂

    That first photograph of the wildflowers and trees blowing in the wind is gorgeous. You can actually see the motion as if the image was a moving film.

    And that blue sky….WOW!

    “He played well – and the music made the scenery even more majestic.”

    Oh how wonderful! Almost like a soundtrack.

    Thanks so much for sharing the beauty, my friend!


  5. The music of the bagpipes is like the sound of children playing – very nice in the distance but not recommended in an enclosed space!


  6. Awesome scenes. I can see how bent the trees are so it must be very windy there on the coast line. What a treat to hear the bagpipes as you journeyed on.


  7. The piper must had added to the atmosphere. My Mum used to saw, that when gorse is out of flower, kissing is out of fashion. So, its still fashionable I see!

    Cheers – Stewart M – Melbourne


  8. Your lovely posts always take me on a trip with words and photos that give me a greater insight and vision of the spot we visit. I’d love to go to Beachy Head and listen to the music of the birds.


  9. How lyrically perfect that sound must have been. Excellent imagery of the trees waving their hair in the wind hope they don’t have allergies.


  10. You made me homesick ! Since 2008 I spent each year 10 days with my friends in Eastbourne and I have been so many times on Beachy Head, it’s so beautiful !


  11. Love Beachy Head – and I’ve even seen it looking almost as exotic as it does in your stunning photos. A piper in Sussex? – Mmm, you don’t see many of those…


  12. I love your change of palette from winter whites to springy blues. Plus, we have a newly minted Duke and Duchess of Sussex as of Harry and Meghan’s wedding day. I have been offline for some time because of a death in the immediate family.


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