Wisteria love

I had a lovely visit with my mum!

Before going off to the hotel where we were staying,


She urged me to walk to the neighbouring village

To enjoy the house with the wisteria.

And I’m glad I did!

Wisteria side.jpg

The front door declared the house was called

The Old Priory.


Look at the windows and the flowers —

I fell in love. Who wouldn’t?


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86 thoughts on “Wisteria love

  1. It’s a really beautiful sight when it’s in full bloom and looks particularly fine against old brickwork. Incidentally I saw a wisteria today that was growing free, that is not supported by a wall, and a very strange, low, straggly thing it was!

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  2. absolutely beautiful!… I love wisteria, but heard it’s difficult to grow. Where I’ve seen it very happy, (like this photo)… clearly, it is not. 🙂

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  3. Fiona, these photographs are BEYOND stunning! I could actually SMELL them just from looking at your images. I love the smell of wisteria! 🙂

    And yes, who wouldn’t fall in love looking at the windows and flowers, they’re gorgeous.

    There is a home in an area of Philadelphia that I walk by whenever I go to the grocery store that has wisteria hanging over the brick wall behind the house. Last year, I was in HEAVEN as I walked by, stopped, and just inhaled the aroma.

    Thanks so much for sharing the beauty, my friend! Have a fantastic week!

    Glad to hear you had a lovely visit with your mum.

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  4. Oh how beautiful. And it evoked memories for me. My parents had a SPECTACULAR wisteria. After my mother died and the house was sold the wisteria was bulldozed and the area laid to concrete.
    Six months later driving past I noticed that the wisteria was staging a come back – and had cracked the concrete.
    I applauded its tenacity.

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  5. I adore Wisteria and the most beautiful I have ever seen have been in England, climbing all over beautiful houses and smelling wonderful! Your captures are lovely and the blooms seem to have cast a lilac shade over everything around them! You saw them at their best!

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  6. Oh my how beautiful. I’ve never been around wisteria but can imagine if they are a fragrant flower how wonderful the smells. Love the color.

    Peabea from Pictorial Tuesday

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  7. Beautiful house surrounded by beautiful flowers. I have not seen like this before. You must have enjoyed the walk along the village with your mother:)

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  8. Oh my word is it ever beautiful. It must smell heavenly. I once knew a man who was a house painter and he DID NOT like Wisteria. He said the vines made it impossible to paint the house and the home owners never wanted to remove them.

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  9. When I think of Wisteria, I think of the state of Georgia… It’s all over the place down there… We don’t have much of it here… I love seeing it –but the fragrance can be overwhelming..


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  10. OMG – that has to be the most beautiful wisteria I have ever seen. I can only imagine how old it is, and how the ‘gardener’ has so lovingly pruned it to wind its way around those vintage windows. So glad your mum ‘twisted your arm’ to see it!


  11. That is so very spectacular, that i had difficulty reaching the end of the comments, hahaha! The first time is saw wisteria in Lund, Sweden i was already smitten. It was a single plant growing nicely upwards to the 3rd floor wall. It was trimmed to be looking like a tree growing on the wall, almost like that but that is sideways. Then i searched to plant here, but the tropical species is so invasive that i forego the dream of having one.


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