Going back

By the time you read this, I’ll be visiting my mum in England (Sussex).


Hopefully, the rain will have cleared

And the trees will be out in full bloom.


We’re going on holiday

To Eastbourne, a town on the south coast,

So I hope to relax, spend quality time with my mum


And – of course, get some good views of the sea!

(All photos from previous trips back ‘home’.)

I won’t be visiting any of you this week, but a big thank you for popping by.


Do check out: Our World.

59 thoughts on “Going back

  1. Have a wonderful time, Fiona. I know how important it is to spend time with our mothers…I miss mine all the time. Every now and then I find myself thinking “I must tell Mom about this” before I remember…
    Looking forward to Our World and I hope you have plenty of our-worldly things to read when you get back.

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  2. Glorious images, Fiona! Sussex, England looks beyond stunning!

    Have a wonderful time with your family!

    Safe journey, my friend. See ya when you get back!



  3. I stared at each photo and … 1–yellow flower is so vivid, it makes me so happy, 2– that thatched roof? I’m curious who lives there, 3– a window … Gothic archtecture perhaps and 4– the heavens are angry … the news on earth are troubling, I hope I’ve stored treasures in heaven.


  4. Everyone needs some rest, relaxation and holiday to reload with refreshing mind-set and moments to cherish. Hope you enjoy staying with u r mum and change in environment. Lovely shots


  5. Have a great visit. How awesome to be in England. Lovely photo..purple door and dew drop flower probably my favorite, but love the cottage too.
    Peabea from Peabea Scribbles


  6. What beautiful sights to look forward to seeing again, as well as visiting with your mum. I hope you have a great trip.


  7. Lady Fi – I so hope you are having a good time with your mum, and that the weather in Sussex is cooperating for you! We look forward to your photos when you return!


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