61 thoughts on “The colours of spring

  1. Love your colors of Spring…. The Crocuses are so pretty….. Ours bloomed about a month or so ago —and are long gone… I love the purple colors though.


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  2. Våren är underbar! Jag önskar så att jag kunde vara ute mycket mer. Men jag njuter de stunder jag är ute och andass och luktar på våren. Sedan njuter jag verkligen av dina helt underbara bilder. Tack för att du delar dem ❤


  3. It looks like Sweden is ahead of southeastern Alberta in springing into Spring! Beautiful photos, Fi. I always love to see your dogs, and I’m looking forward to posting to Our World Tuesday this week.
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

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  4. The colors you captured are glorious, Fiona! I especially love the first shot because it looks like a silhouette 🙂

    Those tulips are stunning!

    Thanks so much for sharing the start of spring in your area. Beautiful!

    Have a fabulous week, my friend!

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  5. It seems a long time ago that crocuses were blooming here, I’m sure some were flowering at the beginning of February. Lovely photos as usual on your blog.

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  6. Yay and your Spring has been well deserved, not that I have heard you complain about Winter and I have enjoyed your wonderful pictures. I bet the dogs are enjoying less soggy paws?!
    Wren x

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  7. So, we’ve gone from the pinks of winter to golds and blues of spring – your palette is never-ending and so rewarding to all of us. (And I can see your poser has been swimming!!!)

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