Fare thee well, winter?

Winter seems to be waning —

I say ‘seems’ as this is Sweden and it can snow even in June!


But I don’t think we will see scenes like this one again this winter:

With thick snow on the iced over lake.


It’s cold in the mornings,

So, if we are lucky,

We can still enjoy rim-frosted green lanterns


And diamond-studded

Golden fur.


For more wintry or spring-like or even autumn shots, please visit: Our World.

61 thoughts on “Fare thee well, winter?

  1. In our area Spring is generally cool and wet— Warm and dry hits us rapidly, when it comes. Always glad to see the dogs!


  2. Trying to decide what to post for Our World, Fi. I have something prepared, but I’m now considering an environmental rant. Will decide later today. Meanwhile, it’s rainy and desolate here in southeastern Alberta, but there’s no snow…for today, at least!

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  3. First about my linkup to Our Wordl – ever since I have a Mac laptop, I have trouble with the perma links – it’s hit and miss – I don’t know why my url is “malformed”, but on the same page as “Oops no page found” underneath are my posts – this week “its “A Walk in the park.” If you know how to change it since you’re a wordpresser, please let me know:)
    The green lanterns are hard to overlook! Thinking of your long winters, I understand why they have that shape:):) Love your dogs in the snow – excellent shots as always!

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  4. OMG Fiona, I should move to Sweden because I would LOVE to have snow in June!!! 🙂

    Stunning images! I live vicariously though you with all the snow you’re still getting.

    Love the green lanterns!

    Have a super week, my friend!


  5. Lady Fi we had such crazy weather today in New York. First it was a rain storm then the sun came out then the clouds came back and the wind picked up. Honestly I think Spring will never come.


    1. I choose to love them because they are so long and I just don’t see the point of being miserable for half the year. And now that I have chosen to love winter, I can really appreciate all the snowy beauty!

      Lady Fi wrote: > >


  6. I love visiting and seeing your snowy scenes and golden fur but I couldn’t really handle that kind of winter myself. Snow in June sounds like Hades to me.


  7. We’re having a blizzard as I read your post. However, some days temperatures rise, and I can hear the sound of snow melting. Luckily, the pups seem right at home in your cold weather.


  8. I’m back…and I still absolutely love photos of your Goldens, Fiona. They are beautiful! (
    And I decided to postpone my environmental rant until my blood cools.)
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

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  9. We are in a similar situation. When we thought the weather was warming up, a super cold front surprised us. Plus, It came with cray strong winds!


  10. We’ve been having sandstorms, the Sirocco wind is blanketing us with Saharan dust — a sure sign winter is ending and spring arriving in the Peloponnese.


  11. Love your dogs! It’s still somewhat cold here in the southern US. Not this morning, but it will be back during the night tonight.


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