It’s still very cold in the mornings and evenings (below zero) —

But oh, what a joy it is


To see the light returning in shades of orange

And lilac.

Purple light.jpg

For more delightful scenes, please visit: Skywatch.

65 thoughts on “De-light

  1. SO beautiful, Fi. Amazing northern skies.
    I have my blog post ready, if I can convince myself to stop editing it to bits. See you on Skywatch.
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

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  2. Dawn and dusk are certainly the most beautiful times of day, even if not always the most enticing time to be out and about. Any colour in the sky, other than grey, would be very welcome here.

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  3. “But oh, what a joy it is…”

    Yes, and I can see why, Fiona! These images are stunning! The colors…WOW!

    I especially love the second image!

    Thanks so much for sharing the beauty, my friend. Have a fantastic weekend!

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  4. Yes indeed, lovely colours in the sky. But it’s still cold here too, and an ice storm is predicted over the weekend…. the poor little daffodils are not being given a chance!

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  5. You will have spring soon and that light will bring you blossoms! It’s snowing again today, but sometimes our temps rise, and I begin to see buds on bushes and trees.

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  6. That golden orange is a knockout, Fi. If that’s one of the pooches to the left she looks like a wolf. Cold here too, I wore my photog gloves today and my fingers were freezing. And that was in the car. It’s supposed to snow on Sunday but nothing below zero this far south (southern WI). Bet they get a foot up north.

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