Frosted views

The snow is melting and the light is changing —

But who says that winter is without its own bright light?


When it is cold with hoar frost

Lying thick on the branches


And, with the sun shining,

The cold can be just as dazzling.

(Photos taken in February.)

Frosted lanterns.jpg

For more razzle-dazzle, please visit: Our World.

66 thoughts on “Frosted views

  1. Fiona, these are EXQUISITE! They look like paintings!

    “And, with the sun shining,

    The cold can be just as dazzling.”

    Oh yes! And this is why I love the cold, the snow, and winter – I find it DAZZLING 🙂

    Thanks so much for sharing its beauty, my friend! Have a super week!

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  2. Hoar frost creates a spectacular scene, although I understand it isn’t particularly good for the trees. We seldom get it here, probably because the Alberta air contains so little water. Thank you for sharing your photos, Fi, and particular thanks for Our World Tuesday.
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

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  3. Wonderfully picturesque photos! Thanks for visiting my blogspot & commenting, it was a pleasure to find your skywatch posts here, I’ll follow from my WP & look forward to visiting again later.

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