I haven’t been walking down to the lake that often

As the path is treacherously icy;

But when we do make it down there, Ruby is Queen of all she can see.


Splashes of purple

Look like frozen ribbons

Declaring ‘It’s not spring yet.’


No matter how much we pine (get the pun?)

For warmer times, we just have to appreciate what we have.


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70 thoughts on “Frozen

  1. Fiona, I LOVE that first photograph of Ruby on the snowy boulder. You’re right…she looks like a QUEEN up there!

    “Looks like frozen ribbons”

    Yes, that’s exactly what they look like. Gorgeous shot!

    “… we just have to appreciate what we have.”


    Thanks so much for sharing the beauty, my friend! 🙂


  2. Yes, enjoy the moment … enjoy what we have. The mountains here got 8+ inches between Sunday and today … so we went skiing! The joy of spring and its bright colors will come soon enough!


  3. Hello Fi, these images make me want to close up shop., turn my camera onto the macro function and get out there and snap. Beautiful and of course, I love Ruby, Precious. Thanks for hosting this meme. I’ve posted about my big dog today as well. Greetings Jo


  4. Ruby sure looks like a queen. She is a beauty. I love the purple flower, frozen though it may be. We have a freeze warning for tonight and I have all my new plants out. I need to find something to cover them with.


  5. Hi Lady Fi, I love these “cold” photos! When it comes to weather, I’ll take cold over hot any day! Hope you are having a good week over there in beautiful Sweden. Best regards from Seattle! John


  6. wow still so cold there! I always love to see the dogs. That is one big rock. Take care. I am sorry I have been ill and I always look at your blog but sometimes I am too weak or tired to write a note to you. I want you to know how much joy your blog has given me to see the dogs each day!! It is like a reality show blog with my favorite dogs!!! I like to know what they are doing and I think about them sometimes.


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