Cold crystals

It’s real winter at last!

The sun is so bright it hurts my eyes.


The plants and trees

Are covered in glittering ice crystals.


And it’s quite cold too —

So cold that even the icicles have icicles on them!


Ruby doesn’t mind the

Crystals on her face.

(Neither does Simmie but he’s too busy running around for me to snap a shot of him.)


Ruby waits patiently

For me to warm up my frozen fingers

Before we carry on with our beautiful walk.


For more icy or sunny scenes, please visit: Our World.


61 thoughts on “Cold crystals

  1. WoW!!! you have a beautiful, magical winter there. we have had some pretty cold temperatures but nope of the beauty you have displayed!!!


  2. Fiona, it is glorious photographs such as these that remind me WHY winter is my second favorite season (fall being my first). Yes, I love the cold, the barrenness, the snow, and the ice.

    These images are breathtaking!

    “So cold that even the icicles have icicles on them!”

    LOVE that!

    Thanks so much for sharing the beauty, my friend. 🙂


  3. Looks amazing Fiona, I would happily swap places for a few days. Although it’s been a wee bit cooler here the last two days it certainly couldn’t be called cold ☺


  4. Wonderful wintry shots especially with your doggies included ~ quite the color combination and beautiful crystal captures!

    Happy Week to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)


  5. Ice Jewels! Stunning. Ruby (and both dogs) are the perfect dogs for winter — because I’m sure they love it best of all seasons and because that same protective coat is absolutely the best color spot you could ever photograph against the snowy background.


  6. Real winter you say. I see that and I can see the real Ice Fairies dancing under the disco spectrum. You must be smiling on these enchanted mornings. Here, real winter has come and went. We are officially into real mud. Not many fairies either, just the odd frowning one.


  7. I love your world. We had a major thaw today, warm and sunny with puddles of water and mud everywhere. The tree branch almost looks too perfect like one of those fake white Christmas trees. I love the frost on the icicles. I think your pups are in heaven.


  8. I like the part where you say the icicles have icicles. I have never seen something like that and actually get excited when I see icicles (rarely, when I visit my mom during winter). At least the dogs do not seem to care about the cold.


  9. I haven’t seen icicles on icicles, or wonder if I haven’t noticed them. One of the most beautiful wonders in nature of winter. Here in my place, I’ve been used to mild winter, but once I experienced single digit temperature for long, even 10 degrees feel comfortable now. Stay warm.



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