Mist-ical scenes

Come down to the lake with me —

And enjoy the misty views.


Let’s walk around the shore

And then explore the little sauna house on the ice.


Come rest a while,


And let’s enjoy

The cold and beautiful fog


As the sun tinges eternity

In colours of blue and lilac.

(Only posting once this week due to a high work load.)


For more mist-erious views, please visit: Our World and, on Friday, Skywatch.

89 thoughts on “Mist-ical scenes

  1. Lovely misty views I just got home from trying to get some but bleh, mine don’t look too impressive. I love the view down the railing and the ghost chairs. The pooches must love this weather.


  2. GLORIOUS images, Fiona! Mystical, magical, peaceful. I can actually “hear” the serenity within these captures!

    Bellissima, my friend! πŸ™‚


  3. Gorgeous. I dream of being able to go to the snow, as I’ve only seen it once. They snow covered chairs made me smile. Have a fabulous week, and thank you for stopping by my blog last week. I hope you are on top of your work load.


  4. I just came over from Sandra’s blog. WOW…these photographs are magical and absolutely gorgeous. I look forward to browsing your blog and seeing more of your beautiful work….


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