85 thoughts on “Once in a blue moon

  1. Good pictures of the moon, but I forgot to look outside! Actually my son came to get me and took me to his house for dinner, so that was far more important than looking up into the sky. But even so, I wish I had remembered.

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  2. *applause*

    OMG Fiona, these pictures literally took my breath away! You captured exactly why I love winter so much. To me, there is something so exquisitely beautiful about barren trees, laced with snow, the Gothic sky, and the early moon.

    That final shot is GLORIOUSLY SPECTACULAR!

    Thanks so much for sharing the beauty that surrounds you, my friend!

    Have a lovely weekend!

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  3. Whats life without surprises. Lunar or otherwise. Here, and am not sure about your neck of the woods, it was a lunar trifecta -blue moon, blood moon and lunar eclipse at 6:45 am. Sadly in my backyard the cloud base was low and thick. So it is vicarious moon shots for me, Your words make for terrific lore -balloon or offering from the forest to the spirit of the stars.

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  4. Oh, the excitement of the moon’s unexpected appearance. Truly spectacular.
    On the other hand, down under we watched and waited expectantly, only to see the clouds gradually cover the horizon minutes before moonrise. 3 days later the sky still hasn’t cleared but we have rejoiced in the arrival of rain and cooler temperatures.

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