Icy sun

When you get up close,

Humble objects can transform.


Is it a sunflower perhaps with icy petals?

Or a frozen sun

Glowing next to the physical one?

Two suns.jpg

Even when the object is itself —

A screw with ice crystals —

It still retains its humble beauty.


(I’ve still got some crazy deadlines to meet, so will only be posting once this week.)

For more n-ice pictures, please visit: Our World.

And Skywatch.

87 thoughts on “Icy sun

  1. Count me among those who believe it is a frozen sun … I also choose to believe that sunflowers in summer are little spots of sunshine on earth. Whether I am right or not, I KNOW your photos are little miracles!


  2. *applause*

    OUTSTANDING images, Fiona! I LOVE your eye and it sees things in such a unique way!

    Love that final macro shot! Brava!

    Have a great week, my friend! 🙂


  3. Everything is as it is. And everything has the possibility to be something other. It just takes an open mind and sensitive eyes. The first two; he was handsome and she was a little wacky in the second, Yes I personified. Good shtuffs. El Grunto.


  4. Once I saw the first picture I felt a thrill … what is this? Scroll down … down … so eager to find out what it is. My heart was happy anxious. Voila! A screw. How magnificent. That’s why I’m such a fan.


  5. Snow and ice are nature’s creativity to transform the unobtrusive to something stunning! Whoa your sunset below is an expressionist painting!!
    Hope you neet your deadlines this week:)


  6. That was simply amazing. I did so wonder what these images were about – and finally when I saw the iced screw I couldn’t stop marvelling at how you managed to capture this tiny thing in such a fascinating way!


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