74 thoughts on “Light burst

  1. I gasped when this explosion burst forth on my screen this morning. By the way, I understand hectic, which is how I have felt recently.

    Still, we persevere . . . moving forward, sometimes with baby steps. Thank you, Fiona!


  2. Amazing! This reminds me of an experience I had, also on my way to work. That morning I was feeling very discouraged and insecure about myself. It was early morning and dark as I was driving. Then suddenly, I turned the corner and saw the glorious light of sunrise in a pink sky. It surprised and amazed and so encouraged me that day. ❤


  3. *thunderous applause*

    FANTABULOUS capture, Fiona! And I am blown away that you took it with your cell phone. AMAZING!

    Have a terrific weekend, my friend!



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