Hanging on to autumn

Our winter snow has washed away in the rain,

So I’m still hanging on to autumn.

(Pictures taken a couple of weeks ago.)


I can’t get enough of the bright reflections,


The emerald of the evergreens

Blending with the fiery colours of the birch trees.


The blueberry forests are green once again,

But I spy a furry friend in her autumn coat.


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79 thoughts on “Hanging on to autumn

  1. i’m trying to hang onto autumn also although it’s hard because all the trees around me are looking so bare. i don’t do well in the winter. i find it quite depressing….


  2. Ah! I just did my last Autumn post yesterday 😣 I will seriously miss it and have been hanging on as long as I can. Beautiful photography ☺


  3. Fiona, with the beautiful foliage you’ve had this Autumn, I don’t blame you for wanting to hang on to it for as long as you can because I would too. It’s been such a joy seeing Autumn from your perspective!

    Stunning images!

    And I smiled 🙂 at that final photograph of your adorable autumn-colored furry friend!

    Have a great week, my friend!


  4. Autumn is but a memory for the most part here and I miss it so bad…these are so beautiful….and I love the furry friend covered in autumn color.


  5. These are wonderful colours and reflections. Our autumn is suddenly no longer hanging on; it’s all fallen into a mushy mess, most of it in my back yard! .


  6. Amazing joyful pic with the sweet furry boy!! (*-*)And I enjoyed so, so much to see the splendor of colorful nature reflected! Absolutely divine… the autumnal aspects are fantastic!
    A great cosy evening and week, too! Alexa


  7. If there is gold in the hills, why not mine it for all it’s worth. The migration of the snowy butterflies will ultimately throttle up. As fur Autumn voyeur – now those are eyes that take it all in and am sure the nose is sensory overdrive.


  8. I just looked through your last three posts, and I cannot get over the colors – the English language does not have the words to capture the response I have to the depth and stunning nature of the colors. You are such a talented photographer. Thank you for sharing your gift!


  9. I was so sure I had commented here, but a search for ‘Unfittie’ brought no results! So here I am, Fi, better late than never to express my awe at the sight of your autumn trees. Spectacular! And as for your dogs…a photo of one of your dogs brings a tear to my eye, but warms my heart.
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel


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