62 thoughts on “From heron to eternity

  1. HI, I have an almost identical picture from one of the lakes around here….. It was autumn and the late afternoon sun was hitting that group of trees just like yours is…… Just gorgeous….


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  2. Fiona, these images are magnificent….absolutely MAGNIFICENT!

    The color you captured took my breath away!

    Thank you for sharing my favorite season 🙂

    Have a great week, and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

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  3. Just giving a thought. The heron grazes the waters and flies off to eternity. How about the endless sky represent time and we, the living mortal beings represent the heron when it flies near the water of life. And just like the heron, we leave to rise into the eternity. Maybe we really get away from the bounds of time and meet where eternity and infinite time prevails.


  4. We have a heron that comes by the cabin, most often in the fall and into the winter. It must go elsewhere for the summer months. It likes to stand motionless on the logs that form our breakwater for the floating cabin and wait for small fish to pass by. The fist like the “protection” of the shadows under the logs, but that doesn’t always work out so well for them. You asked about solar power. Yes, being off the grid we generate our own power. Solar works well in the summer, but in winter it can be difficult. We have a wind generator, but we live in a protected spot so that only works in mild storms. Strong storms actually make it automatically stop to protect the components. In winter, we use a 1000 watt generator to recharge our battery bank and to make power for us to use directly. It’s a very quiet and efficient generator, but I prefer the natural sources when available. – Margy


  5. As always, your photos are incredible! I am surprised how big birds fly so close to surface of a body of water. They are so confident of what they are doing!


  6. Aye. The dream lives on……I could go on, but I won’t. Instead i’ll just sign and smile a good thought your way for these.


  7. Caught up on all your beauty (posted while we were away from computers) …. and purposely didn’t comment on every post,, but had to acknowledge the wonderful title pun — in addition to the gorgeous Autumn color here of course.


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