Double moon sky

It’s a frosty dawn,

And the moon reflects in the still waters of the lake


Like a penny dipped in silver.

The golden trees are a tapestry of light.


Later on, we get to the little beach by the sauna house:

The moon is gone,

But not the beauty of a calm, early morning with frost.


For more beauty, please visit: Skywatch.



78 thoughts on “Double moon sky

  1. ‘Penny dipped in silver’.
    I wouldn’t need any pictures for expressions like those. The piece is crammed with innate rhymes.

    On second thoughts, never tilt the horizon. Ne jamais.


  2. GLORIOUS captures, Fiona! Your photographs always look like paintings — a work of art!

    Thanks so much for sharing the beauty, my friend. 🙂 And have a super weekend!


  3. Hello, your frosty morning images are beautiful. I love your dog in the last photo. Very cute! Lovely sky captures.
    Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!


  4. Lady Fi,

    Gorgeous, gorgeous light! Just a touch of autumn in the trees remain. The early morning moon surrounded by fluffy, white clouds in a rich blue sky almost makes me sense the frosty air near the water. Thanks for sharing and have a blessed day! I’m linked my Wednesday post to SWF!


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