Autumn scenes

It’s early autumn here …

And the fields are full of wildflowers still —


And a dog or two.

(A wolf was spotted here a couple of weeks ago too, but it’s long gone.)


There’s nothing more wonderful

Than running free in autumn colours.


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87 thoughts on “Autumn scenes

  1. Love seeing the dogs romping. I didn’t realize you had wolves nearby. Here in Breckenridge, coyote packs and mountain lions are the main danger to dogs.


  2. Ohhh! How beautiful! Kelly would love running in those fields with Ruby and Simmie! Although she’d probably swing back around to you to get sone loving! She likes dogs but she loves people!!!


  3. Gorgeous images, Fiona! And you have more of a colorful-fall-look where you live more so than we do here. The leaves are starting to fall, but not with any color. It’s been very warm and humid here, so once we get a good “cold snap” the leaves should start to change. Can’t wait ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have a lovely week, my friend!


  4. Love the colour contrast in that first image Fi. As Australia begins its rush into Summer (almost but not quite by-passing Spring), I am already yearning for the cooler climes of the northern hemisphere!!


  5. Such beautiful shots. Loved everyone but really enjoyed the one where the dogs are running! Fabulous capture with the fall backdrop!


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