The golden path

The equinox has been and gone,

Which means it’s getting dark so early on in the evenings.


We have to chase the light —

Or perhaps the light is chasing us.

(This is Simmie, who turned four this weekend.)


But when the sun comes out,

The woods are filled with gold.


For more gold, please visit: Our World.

79 thoughts on “The golden path

  1. Happy Birthday, Simmie. Oh boy, four is such a wonderful age. You can’t beat that final photo, the sunbeam is bouncing from the trees and the forest floor is awash in molten gold.


  2. There has to be a word in my dictionary that describes precisely my feelings about these photographs. But ‘grunts’ speak louder than words -paper, rock, scissors.


  3. *applause and cheers*

    OMG…glorious photographs of my favorite time of the year, Fiona! The light you captured is truly MAGNIFICENT!

    And Happy Fourth Birthday to you, Simmie!

    Have a great week, my friend 🙂


  4. Oh that is so spectacular! I went to your personal links looking for where you are in Sweden. I wish i learned Swedish language too, so i can also translate into English, hehe. In my very short stint in Sweden, one month, i wished i had the opportunity to walk in the woods there, i just saw it while in the bus. I had however the opportunity to travel from Lund to Norkopping to Stockholm to Uppsala, with an international group which is wonderful and fun.


    1. I live just north of Stockholm (I work in Stockholm) and we have a lot of woods and lake around here. I*m an ex-pat Brit – which is why I write in English.

      Lady Fi wrote: > >


  5. So many great photos on your blog. The first one is incredible, that juxtaposition of the sun beams and the almost purple trees.


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