82 thoughts on “Curtains of light

  1. Gorgeous nature seen through magical curtains of light!! As well, I do enjoy to look towards the sun and to feel the joy of such incredible light reflected…
    A lovely new September week!


  2. Wonderful photos, Fi. There is beauty everywhere if we look for it. My husband has promised to share today’s dog-walking photos with me and I hope to use them for Our World. Some of them show the raw beauty of the Canadian prairie (and our dog).


  3. This is a perfect post to see after watching the Twin Peaks finale. The light curtains are like happy sci fi. I’m enamoured by the beads of water and light on the leaves in the last photo.


  4. When I see pictures like this, I think of the little song I used to sing as a child:
    A sunbeam, a sunbeam,
    Jesus wants me for a sunbeam.
    A sunbeam, a sunbeam,
    I’ll be a sunbeam for him.



  5. Fiona, I love the title you chose for this post, it goes perfect with these stunning photographs!

    That first photo took my breath away!

    Love how you captured the tiny water drops on the leaves in that last image!


    Have a lovely week, my friend!


  6. Oh yes, lovely sunbeams. There should be chubby little cherubs using the sunbeams as a playground slide….. perhaps they are, and we just can’t see them. I hope that’s the case.


  7. No Brasil, estamos saindo do inverno e esperando a primavera. Eu gosto da primavera, as flores são maravilhosas.
    Mas o outono me encanta, viveria no outono o ano inteiro.
    Belíssimas fotos. também aprecio muitos os raios de sol atravessando as árvores ou vegetação.


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