Hay up there!

It was a cool morning —

And a mist was rising up from the hay bales in the field.

Mist rising.jpg

As always, my favourite model poses for me against the rising sun.

“Hay down there!” she seems to say.



She was pretty pleased with herself

For jumping up so high.

“I’ve got to bale now!” she says, and then jumps down

To go home.

(Hope these bad puns aren’t the last straw.)


For more bale-ful jokes, please visit: Our World.

73 thoughts on “Hay up there!

  1. yowch! You outdid yourself today — sometimes i’m able to pun back at you, but am in awe and speechless today. Except to say seriously that the pictures are lovely and your beautiful favorite model is obviously — and rightly — proud of herself.


  2. HA! LOVE the puns, Fiona! 🙂

    As well as you photographs! The second one down is a BRILLIANT capture because it looks as thought her nose is lit up like a bright, bright star!

    She is sooooooo beautiful!

    Have a lovely week, my friend!


  3. The first is my favourite. I love fields with bales of hay also, but we are usually driving by, hard to get such lovely shots as yours.


  4. She is beautiful! I have loved the last few mornings here in Germany because they are cool and refreshing and by noon it has been super hot. Not complaining though as fall is soon on it’s way.


  5. I love your puns! And also Ruby…she’s sure a beauty. And I have never given it any thought since I started seeing those big rolled-up hay bales instead of the much smaller ones formerly in use, but of course they would hold heat! Silly me.
    “Learn something new every day” we used to say.


  6. What a cutie your dog is! Thanks for sharing. I have a poetry blog here on WordPress and today’s poem is about making hay while the sun shines in case you have time to look? Golden greetings, Sam 🙂


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