Malaga murals

In Malaga, we stayed in a hotel near the bus and train stations —

And, as in many other cities, the area was a lot more run down


Than in the centre of the city.


I thought it had a lot of character

With its urban decay and murals –


Some of them posed existential questions,


While others just wanted

To give peace a chance.


For more quirky views, please visit: Our World.

56 thoughts on “Malaga murals

  1. Amazing murals! I actually like the partial one in the second shot behind the balcony of the building next to it! I can see a child with balloons and soap bubbles!


  2. LOVE these photographs, Fiona! OMG….the murals are faaaaaaaaaaaaabulous!

    Being an urban lover and one who lives in city, I actually like the run down sections. I find such beauty in urban decay.

    Thanks so much for sharing, my friend! Have a superb week! 🙂


  3. The people of Malaga have a lot of character as their fine murals suggest. Some seem to be deep thinkers as well. Thanks for posting this slice of your world today!


  4. I totally love all these photos and now I want to go to Malaga! I have great respect for the artists who make these huge murals. I find painting a 9″x12″ painting challenging enough, let alone those huge images on the side of buildings.


  5. The areas near train and bus stations always seem to be, but outstanding murals. The crispness and color in the top one, especially for being so far away, speaks to your talent and lens.


  6. Splendid post – I really like these urban detail kind of posts.

    Cheers – Stewart M – Melbourne


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