The little sauna house

At the beginning of the summer,

Building started down by the lake.

It was a lovely place to sit and contemplate the sunset.

(That’s Ruby posing.)


A few days ago, I went back to the lake

And could see that the construction was now finished.


Turns out that the local caravan park

Has built a sauna for its guests

On the shore of the lake.

(Still plenty of room for Simmie to swim!)


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And Skywatch.

Work is busy so I’ll only be posting once this week.

84 thoughts on “The little sauna house

  1. Hello! Pretty shot of Ruby, the lighting is lovely. The sauna sound nice. Beautiful lake scenery and photos. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!


  2. I would really love to stay in that caravan park and take advantage of that amenity …and that scenic beauty! I’m glad the RV park addition doesn’t interfere with your enjoyment of the Lake though,


  3. Fiona, the light you captures in these photographs is STUNNING! OMG…they took my breath away! That last image looks as if you painted in the sky because it’s flawless!

    I think it’s so cool that they built a sauna for their guests. It’s beautiful!

    Have a super week, my friend! 🙂


  4. Wonderful first shot. I expect the sauna house will be popular and it’s a nicely constructed little building, but I can’t help thinking that it spoils the view of the natural edge of the lake…


    1. It does spoil the view from that edge. But to the right (out of the picture), there is a new jetty that juts out over the lake, and the view is fabulous from there.


  5. Ruby must be a well-trained photographer’s dog. With the plank in the water, I thought it was a house built for your pups, I think Simmie did too. Beautiful. So you have to get in the water to use the sauna? Are they going to pull up the board when it starts to freeze then put it back down? I can’t wait to see.


  6. Hello!
    Belas imagens, uma atmosfera bucólica que eu aprecio muito, com cores aconchegantes no céu.
    Agradeço os seus votos no meu blog, sobre o meu aniversário. Desejo a você e família felicidades e saúde.
    Um abraço do Brasil!


  7. Thank you for continuing to delight us with your spectacular photography and sharing your part of our world. (Thank you, too, for dropping by my blog – I have been preoccupied with other activities in recent times, so have not been blogging as much; about to begin a month’s cat & housesit here on the outskirts of Adelaide (South Australia), so perhaps that experience will provide some material for future input 🙂 ). Bless you Fi.


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