Snapshots from Malaga

I spent a hot Sunday morning wandering around Malaga.

First stop – the main plaza in the old town

Where there was a wonderful photo exhibition by Salgado.


Then a quick stop at Cafe Central with its famous mosaic.

The empty glass of coffee sums up how I feel (horror vacui)!


My eye was drawn to the symmetry of the cloth

Protecting the main shopping street and old buildings from the sun.


Malaga Cathedral attracts a lot of visitors

With its fine architecture.


I was more fascinated by the neglected rear of the cathedral,

Where hundreds of cobwebs caught bird feathers

From the pigeons who live there.


For more great views, please visit: Our World.

67 thoughts on “Snapshots from Malaga

  1. What beautiful shots from your time in Malaga. I love the one of the canopy protecting the main shopping street and the old buildings from the sun!


  2. Gorgeous area… Love the cathedral –but shocked at the neglect… Unbelievable.

    Love the mosaics….. But–the cloth above the street for protection is amazing… Thanks for sharing.


  3. Oh no an empty coffee cup! The canopy over the street is fascinating…. beautiful architecture but even more interesting is the feather covered ceiling (mutually created by pigeons and spiders)…glad you had time to get away from the beautiful beach for a brief time anyway …thanks for sharing it all and, as always, for bringing us Our World.


  4. Indeed we are hearing how hot it is over on the continent – you did well to keep your cool to take these photos! I have never been to Malaga so this was very enticing!
    Have a lovely week.
    Wren x


  5. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!… Such amazing architecture; a true delight for eyes… wonderful images captured, Fi! A very lovely new week!


  6. Outstanding photographs, Fiona! They’re simply stunning!

    And I can certainly see why your eye was drawn to the symmetry of the cloth because it’s beautifully mesmerizing! In fact, that’s my favorite image in this collection.

    I also love the final one of the cobwebs caught bird feathers because I feel the same way. There is a building (City Hall) which is not far from where I live and the architecture looks similar to the cathedral. There have been times when I’ve spotted those same type cobwebs caught bird feathers. They look so cool!

    Thanks so much for sharing, my friend. Looking forward to seeing more 🙂


  7. I have visited Malaga once, and even then for only half a day. (Couldn’t stay longer because I couldn’t take the heat.) I went to the Cathedral and to Picasso’s house but missed the cloth covering for the mall. I wish I had seen that too.


  8. Hi Fiona, thanks for the beautiful images on your tour of Malaga. I love the cloth stretched above the street. Greetings Jo


  9. The feathers suspended on the cobwebs are quite a sight! I haven’t been to Spain, but I really would not want to be there right now in all the heat. Love all those photos. The cloth cover on the old street is interesting. I wonder how it survives any strong wind and rain.


  10. The covered main street for shopping is so beautiful like that and is so practical at this time of the year when we are in the midst of a heat wave.


  11. My favourite shot is the one of the cloth.I’ve never seen it stretched across the road before. Very impressive. I’m writing this from Stockholm where the weather seems to be warming up. Just in time for your return to work.


  12. Härliga foton och Malaga ja där var jag mycket när jag var liten.. Min styvmor var spanjorska så vi bodde 4 månader om året i Spanien..
    Ha en fin dag…


  13. That’s a neat canopy for the street. It gives shade and allows some light in too.
    And the exhibition looks unique. Great frames there. Are those frames permanent structures?

    Lovely pictures, Ladi Fi. 🙂


  14. Love the way the photos have been framed for the street exhibition, perfect.. and what a good idea for sheltering the street below, that’s an Idea that could be used in many a country with scorching hot summers!


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