75 thoughts on “Fire in the sky

  1. PS — it would help if I paid more attention. O well, this Spanish sky is beautiful but I believe it doesn’t hold a candle to your constantly beautiful northern skies.


  2. Pic’s are superb as usual. Milne’s comment is true, however … “I truly hope that I may find …… Enough wisdom in my mind …… To understand that others thoughts maybe …… Equal to those that arise from me.” Quote by my human. DL Havlin


  3. OMG…WOW…and AMAZING! Fiona, these are stunning! The color you captured is breathtaking. And the second image of the silhouette within the gold beam of light is phenomenal!! Exquisite capture. Looks almost as if the sun beamed down an extraterrestrial 🙂

    Thanks so much for sharing, my friend!


  4. I am amazed how many wonderful posts you can tease out of water and sky. God’s ever-changing creation and the progression of seasons may have something to do with it. Thank you, Fiona!


  5. Such gorgeous captures! My favourite is the one with the silhouette in frame… but, both (sunny, golden views) are fantastic, as always!! It must be a joy to see such sunset!… 🙂 Nice new day and week, too!


  6. Blazing perfection! That natural spotlight on that beach-loving rock-star is beyond wonderful! (Is he related to you?) i loved the reader under the umbrella too (which would be close to my way to enjoy the beach!)


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