Swedish midsummer is all about dancing around the maypole to live music.

This year, we arrived at the local farm a little too late —


We could hear music in the distance;

But when we arrived at the maypole —

Slender against the cloudy sky —

Midsummer pole.jpg

The musicians were already putting away

Their instruments for the day.


We stopped to admire each ring of the maypole

Bedecked in flowers (woven there by hand).

The day did not go as planned,

But it’s how you roll with life that counts.


For more midsummer stories, please visit: Our World.

59 thoughts on “Midsummer

  1. There is something magic about your words and pictures. It always touches me and awakens a longing to move back to Sweden!

    Sorry to hear the day did not go as planned! Glad misommar!


  2. How neat!!!! Glad you got there –even if it was late…. Great set of pictures though…. SO–your “Maypole” is really a “Junepole” in Sweden… Right??????? Love it.



  3. Hello, the Maypole and flowers are pretty. Sorry you missed the festival and music, sounds like a fun Midsummer celebration. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week ahead!


  4. Wonderful sky, and lovely Midsummer …(in the last photo). I don’t know what it is in english. But it is typical in Sweden. I like your photos.


  5. The colors were just as bright, the clouds just as dramatic– It’s good that you can “roll”.


  6. “But it’s how you roll with life that counts.”

    AWESOME lesson you teach, Fiona! And you’re absolutely right about that.

    Gorgeous images, my friend. The sky in that first shot is BEYOND stunning!

    *applause and cheers*

    Have a fabulous week!


  7. Very nice, even if you missed the main event. Sometimes I wish that midsummer (or May Day) was celebrated here in the States.


  8. Although you didn’t celebrate, Fiona, you’ve spoiled us with the most beautiful prose and photos. The maypole against the sky is spectacular! I scrolled up and down checking it out several times. Thanks for sharing. Greetings Jo


  9. Lovely photos and season! We do not have maypole in Norway. We use to make bone fire on the shore, but not all of us. It was rainy out that night here, so we just went out to eat a meal.


  10. Sorry you got there a bit late but what can you do, right? hopefully you can make it up by going early next time.


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