85 thoughts on “Golden nights

  1. Stunning images, Fiona! The light you captured is absolutely magnificent!

    I had no idea about Scandinavia having white nights, I thought that was just in Alaska.

    Gorgeous! Simply GORGEOUS!

    Thanks so much for sharing the beauty, my friend! 🙂


  2. This summer we leave Florida for Canada and realize that the day will dawn earlier and extend well past 10:00 pm, less light than Sweden, but a dramatic change for us nonetheless. Invigorating, just like your poetry and photos.


  3. This is beautiful..I may have to flee the states and go where there is some sanity in power….Every day here there is some new outrage from the President and attack on the values I love….sigh…Michelle


  4. Fiona I’ve just been right back to see your images that I missed.. so very beautiful. Your dogs make the most wonderful muses, they do love the lake don’t they ☺ I saw someone shared you post today on Facebook, without looking at the name I just knew it was your incroyable work.


  5. Love these photos 🙂 I remember visiting my sister in Norway many years ago and being surprised after staying up the whole night talking, and realizing the sun never set. The land of the midnight sun 🙂


  6. Hi, Fi…it is Tuesday, June 27, here in western Canada, and I can’t post anything to Our World Tuesday because it says it is closed. Is that right? I have some Today-Tuesday-27 things to share, but can’t get there from here.


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