Tangerine dream

Down by the lake,

The sun goes down in a burst of orange.


Simmie gets a burst of energy from the view —

And a swim in the cold water. He’s a happy boy!



Ruby prefers to sit and gaze

At the tangerine dream of another beautiful sunset.


For more peachy moments, please visit: Skywatch.

87 thoughts on “Tangerine dream

  1. Hello, the tangerine color is lovely! Beautiful sky and captures. I am with Ruby, I would enjoy just gazing at the beauty! Have a happy day and weekend ahead!


  2. The color you capture in your photographs is always gorgeous, Fiona!

    Bellissima, my friend….bellissima!

    Have a lovely weekend! 🙂


    1. when I wrote “tang” I wasn’t thinking about tangerine, I didn’t even really see the post title. Tang as in that sweet fizz of flavour in your mouth – the colour looks just like that. Perhaps they got the word tang from tangerine?


  3. Gorgeous colours and perfect title! You live in such a colourful part of the world and your views are not blocked by buildings and chimneys like all the folks that live in towns and cities!


  4. Beautiful, Fiona. I love Skywatch Friday meme, thanks for hosting. I also love your beautiful furry companion in that tangerine light. Greetings Jo


  5. ·.
    I really like Tangerine Dream. The truth is that I only have 78 CD’s of that musical group, but your golden tangerine-colored photos I like them as much as them.
    I also like classical music and jazz, not everything is going to be TD.


    · LMA · & · CR ·


  6. Fantastic! The sun setting on water is a magical combination. Add sweet Simmie and that is perfectly divine. Enjoyed these very much Lady Fi, thank you.


  7. A view, a dreamy view… I wish I could see such glorious sights, sceneries… and when all nature is magical in such warm sunny light!
    Wonderful views!


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