Lemon sorbet

The wild daffodils are like icy lemon bells

In the shadowed places of the woods.

Yes – it’s been a cold April!

Lemon bells.jpg

They glitter in the sunlight

Showing off their cold diamonds.


Later on in my walk,

I come across so many gold and lemon

Sparkles as the sun bounces of the ice on a fence.

(No editing needed here – these are all nature’s own sparkles.)


And finally, Simmie ‘hides’ on the path,

Hoping to pounce out at Ruby as she passes by.

(He’s a silly boy!)


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69 thoughts on “Lemon sorbet

  1. You have shared the lemon sorbet and in your previous post with a cherry on top!! Both posts, seriously, are as beautiful as ANY dessert.

    ps…love the near pouncing poochie. Cute!!


  2. Beautiful frosty daffodils! My daffodils were completely covered with snow this weekend, Fi. I hope that they will be able to revive, along with all the other perennials that were growing. We can still receive snow here till late May!


  3. All aspects are so gorgeous; and so nice to have a glimpse on how Springtime can look in your April. The weather, in these days, was unpredictible in here, as well. So cold, so rainy! But how lovely and brilliant are your pictures. Lots of sunshine, bright daffodils and sparkles on the fence, the cute Simmie… Lovely!
    Best regards and a sunny Spring in May!


  4. I love the Lemon Ice…that first one…not that I don’t like the other but your title and that shot are perfect together.


  5. Love all of these …
    I do hope your weather warms up a little soon though!

    All the best Jan


  6. Fiona, LOVE the title of this post, it’s flawless!

    “The wild daffodils are like icy lemon bells”

    I also love the way you use words!

    Stunning photographs, my friend. The way you captured nature’s own sparkles is glorious!

    Simmie is soooooooooooooo cute!


  7. Lemon sorbet, indeed! Sorry for Simmie for not noticing such magically beautiful sparkling on the fence, but he himself is glittering in the sun.



  8. Daffodils were always the first sign of Spring when we lived in the mountains! It always made me sad though when they’d be blooming, and then another snow…Just a glimmer of future blooms…


  9. Always nice hanging out inside your pictures. The shine is serendipitous with the frost and ice. Here, nothing but gray skies and rain do I see.


  10. Yes April has been cold. But now it starts to get warmer, at least here. I hope you soon will have lovely warm days!
    Beautiful photos!


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