93 thoughts on “A Viking spring

  1. Hello, pretty frosty images. I like the red cabin, the color really pops in the snow. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and the new week ahead!


  2. Made me shiver this morning. We are finally having Spring here in TN…

    Love ‘frosty’ pictures though –but would prefer them in Dec. or Jan… ha



  3. “But it is beautiful anyway.”

    You said it, Fiona! As you well know, I love winter (including the cold, the ice, and the snow), so I wouldn’t complain in the least about being in Sweden for Spring. 🙂

    Stunning images, my friend! Love the that second shot especially!

    Have a super week!


  4. Although a proof was not needed, you did append an image to your irrefutable statement. It set me thinking though, of the beauty of the dunes in the desert.


  5. Fiona every day looks amazing through your lens. Beautiful images here today, so different from yesterday’s golden glow. I hope things are better in your word this week, you’ve had a stressful time there. Big hugs from Perth 😊


  6. You have a great eye for detail. Your photos always surprise me because of their uniqueness. Keep up the awesome work! #OurWorldTuesday


  7. Awesome! But I do not want snow now, so don’t send it to here 😉 I love the snow on the fence, so cold with snow in April, at same time such a warmth in that photo 🙂


  8. Gorgeous golden light and frosty aspects captured!! It makes me feel so strange knowing that Springtime became actually like you previous said in your posts, more like Springter, or something similar 😉 😉 🙂 so unusual weather in these days, it rains and rains and it is so cold like in november, actually… I have my recent post to edited and it is all about the beauty of Spring in April, about cherry flowers, but what can I do?!… I’m ‘frozen’ by all these strange rains… and it is said that, starting with friday, snow will come in the city, ’cause in the rest of the country is winterland, actually…lol… 🙂 But I like to remain positive, anyway…
    Best regards and a lovely day to you!


    1. It is not unusual for snow to come at this time of year, but I think it’s worse because we suddenly had some very warm days first. I hope you are not too frozen and that spring comes soon!

      Lady Fi wrote: > >


  9. Of course it could be that kind of atmospheric weather that you do not like but … think of those wonderful landscapes that thanks to those cold days you have in front of your eyes.
    Well, you have also come to Spain to recharge your body with energy and heat ..


    · LMA · & · CR ·


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