Golden moments

I’m feeling a bit exhausted and overwhelmed (apart from worrying about my daughter during the terror attack, I also got a phone call that Sir Pe had broken his leg in a parachuting accident this weekend) —


So, I’m taking the week to relax and renew,

And to follow the words of Longfellow:

Do not delay,
Do not delay: the golden moments fly!

I will not be visiting blogs this week – but I thank you in advance for your comments.


For more golden moments, please visit: Our World and Skywatch.

85 thoughts on “Golden moments

  1. beautiful pictures. I was worried about my sister during the attacks and am still recovering and grieving.
    I hope you find rest and joy. I love your pictures, they bring me so much joy!


  2. Hello, lovely golden moments. Take good care of yourself and family. I hope everyone heals and remains safe. Enjoy your week!


  3. Hi Fiona,
    I’m so sorry for this terrible act in Stockholm and in compassion with you.
    Marvelous photos of the golden moments in life and I agree with you: do not delay.
    Warm regards, Synnöve


  4. Prayers ascend for safety and for healing from the accident.

    If it’s any consolation, a grandson is in a back brace from a broken backbone, and his sister sprained her knee and is hobbling on crutches. Oh, vey!


  5. Dear Fiona, you must have been beside yourself with worry with these stressful situations in your family. Do take care and enjoy a quiet week. Beautiful photos as always.


  6. I was thinking about you when reading about the attacks. You’ve still put up some wonderful photos this week – I hope all is well.


  7. I can so identify with your feelings at this time, Fiona. With all that’s been going on in so many parts of the world, I too feel overwhelmed and exhausted. I have a very close friend in the UK, and was extremely concerned about her after the attacks in London. Several weeks ago, I was seriously thinking about not blogging for awhile because I am at a loss for words to say anything right now because I’m feeling so weary about all the violence going on in the world and my feelings are all over the place.

    Take all the time you need, my friend. We will be here whenever you return. As always, BEAUTIFUL photographs!



  8. Yes you better de-stress. The world has been experiencing both natural and man-made destructions, and that include some country’s president and our own! By the way, my town has been the epicenter of the last Apr 8 earthquake, and previous to that on Apr 4 the epicenter was in an island next to our town. People are scared including my family. I will be going home this holy week to also see some literal cracks in the wall and the floor of our newly renovated house. OMG. Thanks, and take care.


  9. I am so glad that you and the children are okay. It had to be really scary for AB1. I hope Sir Pe isn’t in too much pain. Jumping out of perfectly good airplanes…well now he can prop up his leg and cook for you 🙂


  10. Sending healing thoughts your way & feeling grateful that I am present and remain in the moment this week, with my daughter, creating golden memories together.


  11. Best regards and take care. You’re so very right, as always, a wonderful mix of thoughts, emotions and golden moments captured. Take time for the family, for you, too! Health is precious. (This week started so strange, to me, as well. I went to emergency room with my father. So, let’s say it is fine for now. What it will be, will be.) Let’s hope for something good and be positive. My warm thoughts and best regards! hugs


  12. The world weeps with you and your adopted country, Fiona. I often think of the old (Chinese?) threat: “May you live in interesting times.” We’ve had enough interesting times already this century.
    Hugs from here,


  13. Just looking at your photos is always very relaxing for me. I’m glad your daughter is okay. I’m so sorry about all the violence there is now in our world. It’s unsettling.


  14. For noen fantastiske farger … så nydelig! Forferdelig det som skjedde i Stockholm, føler med dere. Terror er feighet, men det er det ikke alle som forstår. Så vi må ta vare på de vakre øyeblikkene når de er der!

    Ha en fortsatt god påske!



  15. Oh my dear Fiona …sending huge virtual hugs and calming thoughts your way….I thought of you of course at the news, saw on FB that you were safe life is scary these days everywhere …. in so many ways.


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