The green lanterns

There is something very appealing

About splashes of colour in the snow:


Green lanterns with the added dash of golden fur

Make the scene even more attractive.


As I continued on my snowy walk,

I turned back to see a lone lantern

Saying farewell in solitary beauty.


For more splashes of colour, please visit: Our World.


83 thoughts on “The green lanterns

  1. “There is something very appealing

    About splashes of colour in the snow:”

    You are so right, Fiona! It’s the beautiful contrast of white against color.

    GORGEOUS photographs! I LOVE winter, and all that goes with it 🙂

    Thanks so much for sharing its beauty!

    Have a terrific week, my friend! X

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  2. I love your snowy images in summer Australia. They really make me want to go to the snow in winter one of these days. Sadly we don’t have snow anywhere in Western Australia – only rarely on the very top of Bluff Knoll in the south.

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  3. Winter scenes like these are so beautiful and incredible for me. However, to someone who has not seen nor experienced winter it looks like “other-worldly”. I am at the other side of that world.

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  4. Great photo’s. The person who decided that the lanterns must be green must have thought a long time about it because when the trees are green you don’t see them at all.

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  5. The gorgeous beauty of the white season… Winter has such amazing way to tell fairytales with magical covered trees in snow and paths leading to great sceneries… (not sure if what I said – what I wanted to express – it is correctly as a description in english… Love so much these wintry scenes of yours…. Like always a splendid series of aspects captured, Fiona!! Best regards!

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