The hopeful sun

The sun always speaks to me of hope

And of better days to come.


It reminds me of the last verse of a poem

By Diana Der-Hovanessian.

When your father dies, say the Armenians,
your sun shifts forever.
And you walk in his light.


Thank you for your sympathy and kind comments!

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96 thoughts on “The hopeful sun

  1. What a beautiful saying, Fiona, befitting your photograph and, I’m sure, expressing your love for your father. My parents died several years ago, and I still miss them, but the pain has gone out of it, leaving gratitude in its wake.
    Sending much love at this time in your life,


  2. I loved the poem and what it expresses. Your photos say so much more to me than words can ever say. I am sorry if you have lost your father Fi, I send my sympathies to you and your family. I look forward to each of your photos and I am sure your father enjoyed your photos also as they are like paintings or living works of art.


  3. That’s like a religious experience or something, Lady F. You have the gift of finding beauty in this world and the talent to share it, thank you.


  4. That is a lovely thought. I still miss my father so much – I love thinking about walking in his light, as you surely are in your father’s light.


  5. Glorious, and I mean GLORIOUS capture, Fiona When I initially looked at the image, and before reading your words, I immediately felt/sensed that the light coming from the trees was your father. And then when I read the words to the poem, my eyes filled with tears because I knew was true.

    “When your father dies, say the Armenians,
    your sun shifts forever.
    And you walk in his light.”

    It also made me remember the moments after my own father passed away in 1996. I clearly recall looking out the window of his room at hospice, seeing the light from the sun (as it set) shining through the clouds. I immediately sensed that it was my father.

    Welcome back, Fiona! You’ve been missed by all of us. Sending you much love, my friend…

    ((((((((((( You ))))))))))


  6. Oh Fiona I’m so sorry to hear about your Dad, it’s one of the hardest things to lose a parent, someone who has been there for you all your life, I know. Sending condolences and hugs from Perth xox


  7. Hi Lady Fi, I love these pictures of the hopeful sun. Wonderful! I am sorry that I’m just now seeing your Jan 29 post. Very sad to hear about your dad. Blessings to you. Your sunset photo on that post is one of the best I’ve ever seen! Kind regards to you! John


  8. So sorry to heat of your loss. Life can be so hard and without those that we love the most it can be harder. But as your post so beautifully illustrates, it can also be beautiful. Thank you for your grace and that beauty you give us all. Danette


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