Rolling clouds

The lull between big snow storms

Is painted in clouds of purple


And blue that roll over the landscape

As the sun slowly rises to say hello.

Stormy sky.jpg

And, of course, my poser Ruby

Looks good in that early morning light.

(Meanwhile, Simmie just prefers to run around 

In circles enjoying the snow! :-))


For more drama, please visit: Skywatch.

87 thoughts on “Rolling clouds

  1. Beautiful pictures.. The times between storms sometimes can be gorgeous… Yours are!!!!!! We have had some strange weather here lately. It was snowy and almost zero degrees a few days ago –and now it’s drizzly and almost 65 (F) here… Mercy Me…


  2. Oh what a GLORIOUS sky, Fiona! WOW!

    And that photograph of Ruby posing profile is not only stunning, but oh-so sweet!

    Please send some of that snow my way because it’s been UNUSUALLY warm here in Philadelphia, the past three days. Today I actually started sweating while walking home from work because it was so warm and humid. Very strange for January.

    Have a lovely weekend, my friend!


  3. In Jamaica, they call the large waves which come ashore long after a storm has passed, ‘raw rage’. However, your ‘dark clouds’ appear more as a sleepy sedate version -raw without the rage. And yes Ruby does look good, even stunning, cast in dawn’s light.


  4. Great photos of colors and wide open spaces.
    Really beautiful, Lady Fi!
    Simmie seems to enjoying the snow in this and the previous post. Lucky dogs, eh? 🙂
    Have a Happy Day!
    Peace 🙂


  5. Heisann! Riktig så fine motiver av bølgende landskap. Her er den lille snøen som kom, forsvunnet. Er vinteren allerede passert her nord?
    Ha fine dager ;:OD)


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