The abstract of snow

Snow is so beautiful —

It really brings out the colour of patient dogs.



It falls in swirls

Of fairy lights,


Turning the woods

Into a mysterious place.


Suddenly, tall, snow-topped trees

Make us realize how small we are in the universe,


And humble wood

Is turned into abstract art.


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88 thoughts on “The abstract of snow

  1. Beautiful photos and prose. We have a lot of snow here now and a layer of ice about 3 inches thick down about 8 inches so the walking is difficult through the fields. I haven’t been out as we’ve been away but I’m looking forward to snowshoeing soon. Have a happy week.


  2. beautiful shots. snow sure is magical. we finally got some this weekend. wish i could have enjoyed it more but i was sick on the couch with strep throat. but at least Lily was super happy and out there playing in it all weekend


  3. *thunderous applause*

    Fiona, these photographs are beyond STUNNING! As you know, I love winter and snow, so these images put a HUGE smile on my face!

    “Suddenly, tall, snow-topped trees

    Make us realize how small we are in the universe,”

    Loved that. And I think that’s my FAVORITE photograph as well!

    Thanks for sharing the beauty, my friend!


  4. Shhhhnow! Or Snowy Butterflies as I like to call them. Your snowy pictures are feast as well as festive. As much I like to watch snow fall, as it always takes me back to my childhood, I eaqually like to take a walk in the woods at night during a snow storm. At night it is not so much the visual but rather the audio. The sound of snow falling in the woods at night is a whispered symphony as they kiss the surface of twigs, even themselves.


      1. So you seen the construction page. Sometimes you have to step back. then step even further, then further still. Till the past disappears. opening one’s eye to the future.


  5. I always love your snow photos. We have snow falling tonight! I am so happy.
    We ended up with an ice storm on the 26th of December. Our ski days came to a halt. I am hoping we get a nice amount of fresh beautiful ski snow. 🙂


  6. And how lovely you described this atmosphere! It’s so long since we had a white winter. Gladly, it came back. (*-*) It was amazing to see the snow all over, again. Just like in my childhood. Of course, I’m very inspired by this idea “the abstract of snow”…
    Also, I agree with you that the “tall, snow-topped trees
    Make us realize how small we are in the universe, And humble wood
    Is turned into abstract art.”
    A very nice week ahead!


  7. I just realized I hadn’t commented on this wonderful post yet, Fiona.
    Your dogs are beautiful, and so young and healthy. Just today my husband was very worried about Lindy, because she slept until noon. We’ve had her since autumn of 2009. The rescue society, where we adopted her, had estimated her age at 4, but, not long afterward, her vet said she was probably 5. Well, it’s still a long while since ’09, and she’s entitled to a lie-in from time to time.
    I enjoy your photos of your dogs ever so much, and have unrealistic notions of getting a Golden puppy. I’m 70, and Dick is 72, so I don’t really think we should get a pup because we might not be around in 9 or 10 years. On the other hand, we just might!!
    Hug a dog for me, and hug your wonderful children (growing up so fast) also.


    1. So, Lindy is getting on in age then. We got Oscar and Ruby when they were 4.5 years old, and Simmie when he was 17 months (which is far too young). So you could always adopt an older dog again… 😉

      Lady Fi wrote: > >


  8. Uhhhh, Okay then! It is snow — and snow is cold, and I do not love cold. But you know that I’m always gushing with praise here in my comments, so I thought I’d let you know that this post, while the photography is excellent, does not fill my heart with joy. (Being honest, just so you know that I am really sincere when I comment on nearly every one of your other posts by telling you that my heart is happy. I love the wonderful light, your beautiful lavender skies, your gorgeous water, your happy children, your joyful dogs … oh wait, there is a dog in this post too ,,, a very happy and patient one. So I will admit that this post makes me moderately happy in spite of the cold ;>)))


  9. I always, ALWAYS, enjoy photos of your fur baby. He’s so handsome.
    And fairy lights….I love that reference, and hope I can remember that.
    Mysterious woods indeed…gorgeous images Fi.


  10. Lovely captures, really like the first one of your beautiful dog in the middle of those big white flakes:) We got first snow yesterday and I am thrilled about it!


  11. Love this picture of Ruby and how you managed to make the trees look interesting. You’ve captured something I can’t seem to.


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