90 thoughts on “The heart of the snow

  1. “Where splashes of red and white

    Look like Santa’s hat;”

    HA! OMG…it’s absolutely does look like Santa’s hat! Brilliant!

    Okay, as you know I LOVE winter and I LOVE snow, so I am so in love with these photographs! The one of the snug house is STUNNING! It’s makes me want to live there!

    Thanks so much for sharing all this snowy beauty, my friend!

    Happy New Year to you!!!


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  2. Oh, gorgeous snowy scenery! lol.. you know, I think i’m not so lucky, but gladly I received (through your camera lens) and, also, I’ve “found the heart of winter” as you mentioned above.
    Wonderful ‘pun’ in your photo essay; many thanks!! 🙂 🙂
    Best regards and a very Happy New Year!

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  3. Heisann… I miss the snow, I welcome winter…. virkelig herlige snøbilder. Takk! Ønsker deg et riktig godt og fredelig nytt år ;:OD)


  4. I love the pun, Fi. And I have a post of my own, which I intended to send, but forgot. Will get onto that now. Hug a dog for me. K


  5. I’m very late commenting this week, Fiona, for which I apologize. Soon you’ll have next week’s post up. I hope you didn’t mind me posting twice this week. It’s probably a bad habit.
    Meanwhile, I love your pun, and, like Lisa, it took a while for it to come to me. Good stuff! As your photos are, too, as always!
    I haven’t been out to photograph the snow this year. Lindy goes out when she must, and sometimes she stays out a while, but then she wants to come in, have the snow brushed off, and removed from between her toes.
    Once again, your red and snow photos are lovely.


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