The sheep in the snow

This is a winter’s tail

Full of snow and sheep.


The dogs and I were out for a long Sunday walk

When we herd a strange sound.

Wool you just look at what we found?


The sheep were framed beautifully

By the snowy pine needles.


I feel a little sheepish for all my baaa-d puns,

So, I’ll just leave you with one last photo

And wish ewe you all a wonderful holiday season!


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87 thoughts on “The sheep in the snow

  1. What stunning photos! I love sheep but never see them much around here, let alone in the snow. Thanks for ‘seeing’ with your eyes and capturing them with your camera. Have a wonderful Christmas holiday! Pam

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  2. Those sheep look so curiously at you and your camera! They are beautifully framed by the snow environment and the trees.
    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and all good things for the New Year!

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  3. “I feel a little sheepish for all my baaa-d puns..”

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! Fiona, I LOVED your puns!

    And these photographs? OH. MY. GOD….they are beyond GORGEOUS! I don’t know how you do it, but your photographs always look like exquisite paintings!

    LOVE how you captured the snow!

    Have a super week, my friend!

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  4. Lots of fun! Thanks. And I especially like that last shot! I hope your Christmas is wonderful, and that the New Year is much better for the whole world!

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  5. Even the sheep are mesmerized by your puns. Glad you couldn’t pull the wool over their eyes! May your holidays be filled with love and smiles, Fi. I see I don’t have to wish you a white Christmas.

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