The gold in the cold

What a gift from Mother Nature —

Lots more snow!



Ruby and Simmie look

Especially photogenic

With their golden fur against the snow.


Ruby looks good

Dressed in snow sparkles too.


On the way home, I found a mirror and took

A (fairly bad) shot of myself with the dogs.


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78 thoughts on “The gold in the cold

  1. Beautiful photos of your snowy world and your dogs.The mirror shot is creative. It is snowing here again today and l think we’ll have a White Christmas. Have a lovely week.


  2. Oh how gorgeous. I LOVE snow –and we don’t get much here… SO–I have to enjoy it in photos. Thanks.

    I published a cute blog post this morning. Check it out when you get time.
    Hugs and Merry Christmas,


  3. I love your dogs, Fi. The other day I found some online photos of Lindy when she was almost as slim as your dogs. We were so lucky to be able to adopt a Golden!
    Kay, Unfittie’s Guide


  4. Fiona, that first photograph literally took my breath away! It’s STUNNING! Your photos almost look as though they are part photograph, part painting. AMAZING!

    Love the ones of the dogs as well. They’re both such beautiful canines! Love the snow on Ruby’s face!

    Glad to see you back, my friend. Hope you had a nice trip!

    P.S Oh and btw, we are getting some snow this week and I can’t wait. Yahoooooooo!


  5. Oh so much snow Fiona! Ruby and Simmie must be so happy they love diving about in the snow don’t they? Magical images, it really couldn’t be more different from Perth ☺


  6. Exceptional, beautiful all rolled into one.

    I could almost ‘feel’ the cold brisk air as I stopped to allow you to photograph yourself in the mirror….as I stuck out my tongue and enjoyed the cool flakes slowly melt!!!


  7. You found a mirror on the way home? Must be fated to take that shot which I love btw. Ruby and Simmie must adore the snow and they look quite handsome against the snowy background. The first shot is kind of incredible.


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