Golden threads

Wonderful things happen when the sun

Breaks through in a ball of golden glow.

Golden glow.jpg

The sunshine hitting cold ground

Creates an angel of light

As fog rises to meet the dawn.

Angel rising.jpg

Cobwebs strung across the fields

Are delicate, golden threads


And feathery fluff from wild flowers

Rests among friends in a field

Of golden bokeh.

(By the way, it started to snow here on November 1st!)

Golden bokeh.jpg

For more gold, please go to: Our World.

72 thoughts on “Golden threads

  1. Once again wonderful photos and lines, especially the first two: “Wonderful things happen when the sun /

    Breaks through in a ball of golden glow.” My mind turned the “golden glow” into “globe” a nice pun when you think about it!

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  2. Snow already? Mercy me!!!! Still feels like Summer here (since Fall was never FALL–but Summer…ha)…. Don’t know when it’s going to get cold. But at least the ROSES still love the warmer weather we are having in November… ha

    Love your pictures and words today!!!!!


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  3. “The sunshine hitting cold ground

    Creates an angel of light”

    Wow! Wow! Wow! It most certainly does look like an angel of light! Brilliant capture, Fiona!

    *thunderous applause*

    Breathtaking photographs, my friend!

    And I am so jealous of your already snow. I can’t wait until it snows here.

    Have a lovely week!

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  4. Dearest Lady-fi; Starting from “a ball of golden glow”, amazing photos of the nature♪  By the way, I’m wondering how many times of snow-falls we’ll have during coming winter, which I enjoyed when young 🙂
    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend, xoxo Miyako*

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  5. Hello,
    You know I love winter and I am in awe of your photography in the winter. You are an amazing photographer in all seasons, but what you have captured in the winter and the words you put with, always make me smile. So with that, I am excited about your snow and I can not wait until it starts here. I am ready to ski.
    Have a good week,

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