The jewels of autumn

Living near a new part of the lake

Gives wide views from stony cliffs.


Ruby glows among the autumn leaves

As she jumps up on a big rock that is more than 2 metres high.


Simmie prefers to camouflage himself

Among the yellow lanterns of leaves.


A leaf shines

Like a ruby;

Ruby red.jpg

And the brilliance of a fallen leaf

Reflects onto rock like molten gold.


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74 thoughts on “The jewels of autumn

  1. Fall is a beautiful time of the year with all the colors. Sadly where we live the lake is lower each year at this time so it’s more like looking over a desert with colorful leaves surrounding it.


  2. The jewels of Autumn indeed, Fiona! Faaaaaaaaaaaaabulously beautiful photographs! Love the pics of the dogs, they are so sweet-looking. The last two images of the leaves are stunning! Don’t ya just love the colors of Autumn?

    Have a lovely week, my friend!


  3. living near water, i can identify … there’s always a capitvating view .. whether its sunny or foggy .. love these


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