The jewels of autumn

Living near a new part of the lake

Gives wide views from stony cliffs.


Ruby glows among the autumn leaves

As she jumps up on a big rock that is more than 2 metres high.


Simmie prefers to camouflage himself

Among the yellow lanterns of leaves.


A leaf shines

Like a ruby;

Ruby red.jpg

And the brilliance of a fallen leaf

Reflects onto rock like molten gold.


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74 thoughts on “The jewels of autumn

  1. Fall is a beautiful time of the year with all the colors. Sadly where we live the lake is lower each year at this time so it’s more like looking over a desert with colorful leaves surrounding it.


  2. Hello Fiona!
    As always excellent photos. Wonderful autumn of you has established itself.
    Your dogs have won my heart. I’m in love with them.
    Greetings from Poland.


  3. The jewels of Autumn indeed, Fiona! Faaaaaaaaaaaaabulously beautiful photographs! Love the pics of the dogs, they are so sweet-looking. The last two images of the leaves are stunning! Don’t ya just love the colors of Autumn?

    Have a lovely week, my friend!


  4. living near water, i can identify … there’s always a capitvating view .. whether its sunny or foggy .. love these


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