Ducks ahoy

It’s not often you get to enjoy

The Manhattan skyline with ducks (and a big cruise ship).

Ducks ahoy.jpg

If you get up before the crack of dawn,

And drive to the New Jersey shoreline

(These shots are taken from Hoboken),


You may be lucky enough

To enjoy the gold of the rising sun

Rising sun.jpg

As ducks wheels in the sky

Over wooden pilings

Before honking farewell

As they fly away.


For more sunny moments, please visit: Skywatch.


94 thoughts on “Ducks ahoy

  1. It’s best if those ducks (or any birds) stay out of airplane engines. You must remember the magnificent landing of airline Capt. Sullenberger on the Hudson River a few years ago, now a motion picture in the States. (Movie entitled “Sully.)

    I love your ducks in flight and the play of sunlight on the water. We are enjoying ducks & geese on the lake behind our house – so serene. Thanks, Fiona.


  2. What wonderful shots of the Manhattan skyline with those ducks and the gorgeous reflections. It makes me want to visit this amazing city again! I lived for two years in White Plains, New York.


  3. What a beautiful picture! We stayed in New Jersey the last time I was in NYC, about eight years ago. It was much cheaper and there was a ferry that took us right over to the city. It was awesome! (Aside from the $50 five-minute ride from the airport to the hotel…that was a ripoff!)


  4. Being someone who absolutely ADORES New York City, these photographs put a HUGE smile on my face. They are all STUNNING!

    Love how you captured the strong reflection of the sun off that building.

    I especially like the view of Manhattan from Hoboken because you get the BEST view of Lower Manhattan!

    Thanks for sharing, my friend, and have a lovely weekend!


  5. This is great. I can tell this is going to lead to conflict in the family when we go to NYC cuz I will have to get to Hoboken early in the morning to see this for myself.


  6. You definitely got up and were out at just the right time on this day. These photos really are pretty. Love the water in the first one. Thanks for your visit to my blog.


    1. There was a big flock of ducks on the water right next to the park where we were in Hoboken and when my friend’s dog ran towards them, they flew up and that is how I got shots of the ducks.

      Lady Fi wrote: > >


  7. one of my favorite spots, you were there at the perfect time!! there is a ruth chris steakhouse right by there, it is my go to steak place!!!


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