Fairytale Palace

The small bus chugs up the winding roads of Sintra —

And then after a steep uphill climb on foot,


You gasp when you finally glimpse the fairytale outline

Of Pena Palace:


A beautiful example of 19th century

Portuguese Romanticism.

Lemon walls.jpg

Gorgeous tiles and lemon walls

Are a breathtaking reminder


Of how amazing the human imagination

Coupled with architecture can be.


For more incredible sights, please visit: Our World.

82 thoughts on “Fairytale Palace

  1. What STUNNING photographs, Fiona! OMG…I love all the detail in the architecture; especially in the second to last photo. The colors and textures are amazing! The building reminds me of the castle in the Magic Kingdom.

    Welcome back, my friend. Have a grrreat week!


  2. It is so much incredible beauty in this fairy place and like you said “gorgeous tiles and lemon walls” at this 19th century castle. Amazing views captured, in this set, once again by you!! A fantastic travel, for sure!


  3. Dearest Lady-fi; Oh, amazing architecture with bright color. Sure is a Fairytale Palace♡♡♡
    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend, xoxo Miyako*


  4. there’s a Gaudi feel to these …. i visited Sintra a lifetime ago … i had forgotten (how i cant imagine) those fabulous ‘castles’


  5. wow. absolutely beautiful architecture. i love all the color as well.
    that was one thing that really grabbed me overseas is all the color of the architecture,
    even in the poorer countries. our town feels so bland and conservative. ha.


  6. Hello Lady Fi-
    Wow- what beautiful views you got to enjoy.
    The views of the beaches in your posts from Lisbon are beautiful too. Glad you had a great time. Enjoy!
    Have a Happy Day!!
    Peace 🙂


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