Gone surfing

On Thursday, I’m flying off to Portugal again with the kids —

Time to enjoy Lisbon and then


Off to the beach for

Surfing and sunsets.

These photos are from the Atlantic Coast, Portugal, taken last year.

(See you all again in about ten days.)

Beach 1.jpg

For more great moments, please visit: Our World.

83 thoughts on “Gone surfing

  1. Hello, the beach and sky images are lovely. Enjoy your trip to Portugal, I am sure the family will have a wonderful time. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!


  2. Have a FANTABULOUS time on your trip, Fiona! Wow…it looks like a gorgeous place!

    Safe journey, my friend. See ya when you get back πŸ™‚


  3. It must be so wonderful in Portugal, just by looking at these amazing scenery and sunsets! Have a very lovely vacation & lots of fun! Greetings and all the best!


  4. My nieces are about to go to Lissabon as well. Maybe your paths will cross (without knowing lol) These pictures are so beautiful especially the second one Amazing colour


  5. your beach is like mine now, too cold for anyone to go. Thanks for comment about the recycling. The good stuff is taken, and what is left over, is thrown to the dump.


  6. Hi ladyfi, whatever subject you choose to photograph, they are all amazing, inspiring, and beautiful. Sunrise and sunsets are always wonderful here in our country with our lots of beaches and islands. But your shots still look new for me.


  7. Gorgeous sunset πŸ™‚
    You are about to (or already are) in Portugal.
    I wish you lots of fun in Portugal

    PS I was on holiday and little on the blog


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