Midsummer joy

Midsummer’s Eve is the second most important

Celebration in Sweden after Christmas.

Pole details.jpg

It’s a time for dancing

Around the midsummer maypole

Midsummer pole.jpg

With flowers in your hair

No matter whether you are male, female or child.


The folk dancers

Wear their traditional costumes —

(They start them off young…)

Woman and child.jpg

As do the musicians:

It’s hard work though!


And everyone has fun

No matter colour, age or belief system.

And that’s what is important in the world:

Love and tolerance.


For more celebrations, please visit: Our World.

76 thoughts on “Midsummer joy

  1. Ah—how special is that!!!!! I love it… Wish our country could celebrate something like this NOW… We need tolerance and love and respect here SO much now…



  2. We were in Malmo Sweden for Midsummer’s Eve about 7 years ago! We were at a conference in Copenhagen and went to a dinner party in Malmo. We didn’t get to participate in the festivities, but they had a Midsummer’s Eve Maypole Dance performance for us! It was quite fun!


  3. Hello, what a wonderful celebration and tradition. I love seeing all the people young and old having fun, lovely collection of photos. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!


  4. “And that’s what is important in the world:

    Love and tolerance.”

    Fiona, what a wonderful tradition! Absolutely LOVE these candid photographs because you can literally see and feel the excitement, joy and love on everyone’s faces 🙂

    I also love how colorful everything is!

    Thanks so much for sharing, m friend! Have a lovely week!


  5. such a fun event! I know from my Finnish colleague that Midsummer’s Eve is very important there as well (unlike in the south of the continent where we don’t celebrate it at all). great shots!


  6. I love maypole dancing, and it saddens me that, in my country, children do it at school … and that’s the end of it. We dont have these beautiful, joyful seasonal festivities the way so many European countries do. It’s a real shame.


  7. Happy times…we all need a bit more of that. Some days I don’t even recognize my world anymore.


  8. Love and tolerance – wish we had more of that in the US. 🙂 What a nice celebration – so lovely. Especially the little guy with flowers in his hair. Love that.


  9. In the Netherlands we know this party is not all, there are now more and more people’s ‘Midsummer Night’ to celebrate 🙂
    Beautiful photo series


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