Foal play

Last week, I had the great pleasure of going out to a horse farm

To take photos for a friend.


I fell in love with the three-week-old foal, Celino.


He was full of love



And nibbles for his mother.


And she was so nurturing and tender

With him.

Motherlove copy.jpg

Love is grand, isn’t it,

No matter where you find it

Or in what form it takes.


For mare great photos (excuse the pun!), please visit: Our World.

78 thoughts on “Foal play

  1. “Love is grand, isn’t it,

    No matter where you find it

    Or in what form it takes.”

    Yes, it sure is, Fiona! And you can feel that love within these photographs.You so beautifully captured the love between mother and child.

    And what a clever post title too 🙂

    Have a super week, my friend!


  2. I agree! What a fun day you had.
    Are you a horse lover? My aunt Sally is. She has two horses at this time. She use to own and operate a Riding Stable. Her love of horses started when she was 5! 🙂
    Lovely photos.


  3. This is pure poetry to me… Images of sweet tenderness, beauty expressed through eyes and soul so nicely captured! I received lots of positivity just by looking at and seeing from up close, all these fascinating serie of special relation through photo sequences.. Many thanks for sharing them!! Love every photo, every instant with the two gorgeous critters.
    A very wonderful day and great week to you, too!


  4. I love horses too, we have our native horse with a foal when we were kids. I can ride on them, but when i was thrown off its back because it was scared of something i didn’t ride again. I love the smell of horses.


  5. several years ago a friend took me to a horse farm in Maryland … i love your photos, they brought back such lovely memories for me


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