Vikings galore!

You know you live in Sweden

When you’re not totally surprised to see Viking warriors

Camped outside a tent.


Viking heritage is celebrated around the country

In different events.


This two-day festival took place near my home


And the guest of honour was this beautiful

100-year-old replica of a Viking boat.

Viking boat.jpg

Families often dress up

And attend these Viking festivals

Using clothes and equipment that reflect how life was back then —


Even sleeping out

In these comfy-looking tents.

Talk about making history come alive!

Living quarters.jpg

For more celebratory moments, please visit: Our World.



78 thoughts on “Vikings galore!

  1. Hi Fiona,
    many years I was selling silver jewellry on medival markets in Germany and also Europe.
    I love this special atmosphere on the market places and the costume variations.
    Wonderful impressions of the Viking event here !
    Best regards, Synnöve


  2. The boat is beautiful and what a fun way to learn history. I’ve been watching the TV show Vikings on the History Channel and enjoying it. Here in the South where I live, we have Civil War re-enactments where everyone dresses in period outfits and they re-enact battles of the Civil War. While war is sad, the re-enactments are a great way to see history come alive.


  3. That boat is fascinating and so are the tents’ Here in the USA we have re-enactors of the mountain men, the Civil War and other historic people.


  4. Fiona, as one of your readers (Christina) shared, Viking lore has always been fascinating to me too! Sweden, as well, has always held an interest for me. I have a feeling that I would love Sweden!

    Gorgeous photographs! The craftsmanship and detail in that Viking boat are AMAZING!

    Grrrreat post, my friend! Thanks for sharing 🙂


  5. Hello Fiona,
    This is fantastic!! Great to see all in these legendary clothes from the past. Very impressive!!
    It gives you very nice and special shots!! Great!!

    Kind regards,


  6. Fantastic photos! The woodworking on that boat is amazing and beautiful!

    Some time in the recent past, Blogger saw fit to remove about 50 blogs from my reading list. They gave me a reason, but it didn’t make any sense to me. Anyway, your blog appears to have been one of them. It’s taken me awhile to find which blogs it was (I’m still not done yet). I’m adding you back in as soon as I finish this comment.


  7. oh this looks like it was a great fun ‘event’ .. sort of like our Civil War reenactments … but with better photo ops


  8. What a fabulous event! I went to a medieval festival recently too and my post of scheduled to come out soon. I would have therefore loved this event! Great photos Fi.


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