88 thoughts on “Delicious fog

  1. i eat all types of fog,
    chocolate fog
    fog sweets
    cereal fog
    foggy fruits
    vegetable fog
    fog sandwich’s


  2. I blog from the San Francisco Bay Area, so I appreciate fog, trees, and shafts of light. You have schooled me again on how to do all three brilliantly!


  3. OH. MY. GOD….these photographs are absolutely BREATHTAKING! I sat here for a good 5-6 minutes and gazed into each image and was in awe! Love how you captured the golden light beams. Truly GORGEOUS! I want to walk through that first photograph 🙂

    Fiona, your talent with the camera never ceases to amaze me!

    BRAVA, my friend! And have a superb weekend!


  4. Hello Fi, it’s so eerie and mystical. I would love to be walking through that forest now. Thanks for hosting this meme for so many years. I’ve joined in when Esther Garvi from Niger (West Africa) suggested I post on it. Esther died tragically in a road accident in Africa last August. Have a great day. Jo (South Africa)


  5. Breathtaking photos. I love the various images that come through when fog and sunshine come together. It makes it a little scary and a little mystical all at the same time.


  6. Absolutely beautiful morning and you captured it perfectly. Well done. Have a blessed Skywatch Friday.


  7. exquisite … i have only ever had one good capture of fog .. its an elusive photo op for me .. much like the rainbow .. both are on my photo bucket list


  8. amazing expressions with gorgeous photos ,thank you sooo much for sharing this with us ,when suddenly sun break through it looks like as if a lover is trying to spy in the heart of his loved one as what is he hiding in his deep silent heart ,is there any pearl of LOVE can be found there


  9. Fabulous photos of the fog in the woods. So beautiful !
    Fiona, you have win a Etsy coupon on my blog and so I need you Mail-Adress. Please send me this, you find my mail in Profil (about me) under Kontakt left side.
    Best regards, Synnöve


  10. Hello,
    I like that kind of picture, surrounding with mistery!
    I’ve decided to write my articles also in english. It’s only fair for english speaking visitors who come to see me. The english parts are written in bold. Feel free to say to me if something makes no sense because english is not my mother nature and I’m still learning.


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