The Twisted Pier

Oh, the things we do to get a photo!

While I was in New Jersey, I had some fabulous photo sessions with friends.

Twisted pier 1 copy.jpg

One was a sunset session in a (secret) location on the New Jersey shore

With a marvellous view of the Manhattan skyline and the Freedom Tower.

I may or may not have trespassed on some waste ground

Freedom Tower dusk copy.jpg

In order to capture the twisted pier

And the buildings glowing in the perfect lilac twilight.

Twisted pier 3_dusk.jpg

For more great shots, please visit: Skywatch.

98 thoughts on “The Twisted Pier

    1. I was staying in Bayonne, but managed to visit Jersey City, Hoboken, Liberty Park, Bloomfield, Weehawken, George Washington Bridge plus a park with a cherry blossom festival (can’t remember exactly where that was)…

      Lady Fi wrote: > >


      1. oh nice. i don’t know Bayonne that well but had friends who would spend summers there. i did live in hoboken that last year i lived in NJ. fun town!


  1. Nice shots! There is something lonely and sad about the forlorn organic twisted pier while the mechanical, metallic, majestic skyscrapers are glowing.



  2. *thunderous applause*

    OMG Fiona, these photographs are STUNNINGLY FAAAAAAAAABULOUS! They literally took my breath away! As you know, I love NYC, so these images REALLY touched me. And I love that you took them from the Jersey side because the view of Manhattan from there is gorgeous!

    Again, AWESOME images, my friend! And thanks so much for sharing them!

    Have a terrific weekend!


  3. that’s a wonderful shot! I was instantly attracted to the image. colours are beautiful, and the angle you took the pictures at leaves lots of room for reflections; the vastness of the city in the background, the space between the pier and the city filled with a body of water…etc.


  4. Thank you for sharing your secret location that you may or may not have trespassed on. I won’t tell on you. Great pics.


  5. Hi Fiona, have just been catching up on missed posts. We are pretty lucky that you share your travels with us in the form of these incroyable images, merci beaucoup.


  6. How very beautiful — and here I thought that the lavender/lilac light was only seen in Sweden. Now I see that you take it with you wherever you go. Thank you for trespassing (if indeed that is what you did) in order to bring us these beautiful images.


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